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Art Therapist

Lets works together to develop creative strategies to feel better.


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promotes HEALING



Participant's resistant to therapy usually find it easier to relate to the art or images. The process can be helpful to those who struggle in finding words, the art speaks for them. 



Art Therapy helps participants find more choices for ways to be healthy in upsetting situations.



The art object produced is permanent. The art is not subject to the distortions of memory. One may notice emerging patterns when the work is viewed as a whole.



The art therapist creates an environment where participants feel safe to talk about thoughts, feelings, and concerns and express them with and through art. 



Art Therapy can teach participants to use art activities such as drawing and painting as a way of reducing stress.



It helps participants release pain, express feelings and get the support to move through life's challenges.



​Amy has been a Registered Art Therapist and Counselor since 2009. She has had a private practice in Eau Claire, WI since 2017 with an art studio in Banbury Place. Her referral sources include: CCS, LSS's Renewed Strength Program, and private pay. She has a dual Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy from Adler University. And is an Art Therapist Registered (ATR) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).


Amy has extensive expertise working in both an inpatient and outpatient psychiatric setting with ages varying from 10 to 74, adults living with HIV/AIDS, and older adults with dementia utilizing both verbal and varying styles of art therapy approaches with groups and individuals.

Her experience includes working with adults and teens struggling with anxiety, depression, and mental illness. She is an empathetic therapist who understands that the decision to seek professional help is rarely an easy one. She is committed to the belief that even short term therapy can be extremely valuable. She pulls from several therapeutic approaches when conducting therapy and is considered eclectic in her theoretical orientation. Participants working with Amy can expect to be welcomed into a warm, non-judgmental environment. Amy practices person-centered, strength-based approaches. Her goals are to work together to helps people develop strategies for ways to be healthier in upsetting situations and view challenges from a different perspective.



AmyHahn, ATR, LPC

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